This guide will take you quickly through the basics of setting up your school's new Veative account.  

1. Activate Your Admin Account

You should have received an activation email from Veative inviting you to manage your school's account.

Clicking the Accept Invitation button will take you to, and prompt you to create a user name and password for your School Admin account.   

2. Set Up Your School

Go to and click Log in.  Select your school by name, then sign in with the credentials you just created.  

Set up the current School Year.  

  1. Click School Year in the left menu.
  2. A school year should have been created for you, named Current Year
  3. Click the three dot menu to the right and then Edit.
  4. Change the name and dates to match your school's information. 

Now you are ready to add some students and teachers.  

You can import your users from a CSV file, they can sign up for accounts on their own with a code you provide them, or teachers can import students from Google Classroom directly into their Veative classes.

If you would just like to get started with a single student and teacher, you can create users individually.

  1. Click User Management to the left, Add User to the right, and then choose Create User.  
  2. Fill out the form for a teacher user.  An email address is required for a teacher, and they will have to accept an invitation sent via email to activate their account.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create a student user.  An email address is optional for a student.  If left blank, the student will be created without having to accept an invitation.  

Tip:  If your students will be logging in to VR headsets, we recommend making their usernames and passwords short and simple as they will have to type them in using an on-screen keyboard.  

That's it!  You can now log in to these accounts, explore the Veative Learn Platform and set up VR headsets if you are using them.  

Next Steps

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